Video: Lying flat – China’s Silent Revolution (against Jews?) – The rebellion that could harm China


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[I found this concept fascinating. I'd never heard of it. It basically boils down to apathy and disinterest. Take special note that the Chinese government is trying to keep people in intense work in FACTORIES … and people are getting sick of it. Amazingly, China works on the 996 principle: Work from 9am to 9pm for 6 days a week! And people are getting tired of sweating blood for those "capitalists" … and it's so bad that business owners in some fields need to try and recruit people daily. The Government is aggressively censoring this Lying Flat movement … but this seems to have potential. While they can't harm the Government openly, if this spreads, it could spread a lot of apathy across the nation. This has some interesting potential as a silent revolution. Plus, best of all, it affects the very industries that are harming the West. People seem to be getting sick of sweating blood for the Capitalists/Jews. Jan]

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