The Fool Bjerkness Vs E. Michael Jones – A Reader’s Comment

[One of my readers wrote this interesting comments about Bjerkness. I had mentioned recently that Mike King was pointing out what junk he was writing about Hitler. I have not wasted my time looking into Adam Green or Bjerkness, and the first thing I always wonder is whether any such idiots are Jews perhaps? I think a long time ago, I might have quoted others who exposed Bjerkness. I'm not sure if Renegade Tribune exposed him nicely some time back. I'm not sure if he's driven by emotional thinking or other agendas. I am always concerned when people are out to mislead Whites. That is always the first consideration that I have. I've not seen any of his debates with Jones, but it sounds like Bjerkness is an asshole. Jan]

This is what a reader wrote:
Bjerkness embarrasses himself debating E. Michael Jones. His idiotic premise that Hitler was a Communist, Zionist, and British agent is right up there with Elvis is still alive and having a bcold beer with Jim Morrison. It seem, when you disagree with his stupid ideas he resorts to slander and name calling.

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