US Military Veteran: Chemical & Biological Warfare: Lost White Science: Agent Orange in Vietnam, DDT nearly saved the world…


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[A US Military veteran sent this to myself and others, and he made some really interesting points about some of these things that the Liberals have kicked up such a fuss about see below, especially his mention of DDT which I remember as a kid in Rhodesia. Jan]

The US Veteran wrote:

I was in the Vietnam War and was sprayed with Agent Orange. I am 67 and have no ill effects yet. DDT almost eradicated Malaria and Yellow Fever, but since it was banned hundreds of Millions of people have died from mosquito borne diseases. When I was a kid we used to chase these DDT spraying trucks to play in the smoke. Once again I am 67 with no ill effects.

In modern Medicine they treat the Lab numbers but not the Patients. I fail to understand how a Doctor could know the nature of what is fatal when every doctor should have some knowledge or training in Toxicology.

What I learned in Chemical Warfare class is a concept of the LD 50, which is how they measure the lethality of toxins.

For example Strychnine has an LD 50 of 35 mg. That means Lethal dosage for 50% of those poisoned. That means that 10 mg can kill some people and 100 mg may not kill some people. Like in Radiation Fallout the LD 50 is 600 RADS, but 200 RADS can kill some people and there have been exposures up to 10,000 RADS can be survived by some. There is a well documented case of a Soviet Sub Commander who sacrificed himself to go fix a reactor that was about to detonate off of Jan Mayen Island. He was exposed to 50,000 RADS, lived to be 97 years old and never even had cancer.

So if it says Cocaine has a lethal dose of 3.4 Grams, there are plenty of people that take more and live and plenty of people who take less and die.

My point is that every human body is different and can handle different levels of the same toxin. The Fatal dose is just what will kill HALF of the people.

That is why I refuse Lab Tests. I don’t care what the numbers are, I care about how I feel. If the doctors prescribe me medications to get the numbers right, it usually makes me deathly ill.

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