Video: USA: Libertarian professor: Unrest Will Lead to Civil War and Bitcoin Is Not Your Freedom Warns Cornell Professor

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[I don't know if this guy is a closet liberal or what. He seems to be a little bit outside the box of liberals. But what fascinates me are his statements that the end run is a civil war. I could not find any Jewishl links for him. He seems to be a straight up White guy. I also agree with his views that Bitcoin can be killed easily. He says that if the Govt makes it ILLEGAL, that it will be destroyed. He is dead right in that kind of thinking. Bitcoin CAN be controlled by Governments. Jan]

It’s wrong to think that bitcoin leads to freedom, according to Cornell University professor Dave Collum. Freedom is often used as the reasoning behind the many benefits the cryptocurrency has to offer. In this exclusive interview with Daniela Cambone, the vocal and popular social media professor chimes in on the political unrest, warning that he is fearful of a civil war breaking out. He also talks about the popularity surrounding bitcoin and explains why he would never add it to his portfolio.

Here’s the video:

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