Jews chase Blacks out of Israel pretending that its Charity!


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Under the Guise of “Charity,” Jewish Supremacists Deport Africans to Uganda

The New Observer
June 11, 2014

Using the guise of “charity,” Jewish Supremacists are arranging the dumping of African “asylum seekers” in Israel into the central African nation of Uganda, thereby circumventing the fact that there appears to be no formal agreement with that nation’s government to take the “refugees”, who come from other parts of Africa.


Initially, it was reported that the Jewish Supremacist state of Israel had devised a plan to dump all its African “immigrants”—no matter where they originate—in Uganda in terms of an agreement with that country’s government.

However, a new Associated Press (AP) report discussing the “settling in” in the Ugandan capital of at least seventy young school-age Africans deported from Israel, has revealed that there is in fact no agreement with the Ugandans, and that the Africans are being moved there under the guise of an Israeli “charity” organization, ironically named “Become.”

The seventy young Africans noted in the report were all initially deported back to their originating country—the South Sudan—but were then “somehow” located by the Israeli “charity,” and, taking advantage of Third World administrative chaos in Uganda and its resultant non-existent border control, simply moved to Uganda where they are now in a school.

According to the AP report, “Israel had begun sending dozens of African migrants to Uganda in a voluntary deportation campaign that Ugandan officials and refugee authorities insist they know nothing about.”

According to the AP report, the “arrangement”—which includes a one-way ticket, is “questionable” because “it’s unclear if there’s an official agreement with Uganda to secure their status.”

The head of the Israeli “charity”, named as one Rami Gudovitch, is quoted in the AP report as saying that he has found “Israeli families” willing to sponsor the education of the young Africans—but only, it seems if they are in Africa, and not Israel.

According to Gudovitch, in December 2012 he put a group of them on a bus leaving the South Sudanese capital of Juba for Kampala, where they “return[ed] to school and start[ed] afresh as refugees.”

Gudovitch added: “Part of the Jewish tradition is to accept refugees. I think Israel should protect refugees because we have been refugees and we don’t know the next time we shall be refugees. They are Israeli kids. For me these kids are representative of my country.”

His “charity” however, seems only to extend as far as providing “education” and “support” for Africans once they have been kicked out of Israel.

The AP article also confirmed earlier reports that Israel pays each African who leaves ‘voluntarily’ $3,500 in cash as they leave Israel—a fortune in Africa, where 39 percent of the entire population subsists on less than $1 per day.

Of course, Israel gets paid over $3 billion every year by the Jewish Lobby-controlled American government under the guise of “foreign aid,” so the paltry $3,500 per African payout doesn’t even make a minor dent in the $8.5 million which American taxpayers hand over to the Jewish state every day.

The AP story interviewed some of the deportees, including Victoria James (unlikely to be a real African name) who said that “We were told that in Israel they didn’t want refugees, that there were many refugees in the country. It was very bad. I was going to live in a country that I knew nothing about.”

A February 2014 report in the Israeli Haaretz newspaper also confirmed that the Jews-only state was deporting Africans to Uganda. That article revealed that “harsh conditions” at illegal immigrant detention facilities in Israel were causing many of the Africans to “agree” to leave Israel “voluntarily.”

Israeli Minister of the Interior Gideon Sa’ar was quoted by Haaretz as saying that there had been a “sharp rise in the number of asylum seekers from Africa leaving the country under what is known as the voluntary departure procedure.”

Speaking at the “voluntary departure unit” that the Population and Immigration Authority recently opened in Eilat, Sa’ar said that in February, some 1,500 asylum seekers “would be leaving, as opposed to 765 in January, 325 in December and 63 in November.

“The number of people leaving every month recalls the number of infiltrators who were coming in at the height of the illegal infiltration,” Sa’ar said, using the Jewish Supremacist code word, ‘infiltrator,’ which actually means ‘non-Jew.’

“Sa’ar added that the sharp rise in departures was due to an Israeli law against illegal entry, summonses to the Holot detention facility, the prohibition against employing illegal migrants and increasing the grant the asylum seekers receive on departure from $1,500 to $3,500. He said the figures were encouraging the ministry to continue its policy.”

The Jewish policy of deporting Africans is in stark contrast to their demands that other nations open their borders to Third World immigration.

In America, for example, the Jewish lobby is completely united in pushing for “immigration reform.”

An article in the Jewish newspaper, the Daily Forward, announced that “Jews Unite Behind Push for Immigration Reform” and significantly added that “Ethics and Self-Interest Drive Unusual Nationwide Effort.”


The Daily Forward article says that those “leading an active push for the [immigration reform] bill, which will offer a path to citizenship for some of the nation’s 11 million undocumented aliens, include the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, Bend the Arc and the National Council of Jewish Women.

“The Senate vote—and the even harder struggle that will follow in the Republican-controlled House—represents the fulfillment of a sustained campaign by the Jewish community for immigration reform, which has built momentum over the past decade.”

Quoting Mark Hetfield, the president and CEO of an organization called the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)—which used to promote Jewish immigration, but now promotes all nonwhite immigration into America, the Daily Forward said Jews promoted immigration because it was in their “strategic interest.”

“It’s the ethical thing to do,” said HIAS president and CEO, of the community’s immigration reform activism. But he quickly added, “It’s in our strategic interest.”

However, in Israel—which all of these Jewish organizations and individuals quoted above support fanatically—these same Jews have no compunction in rounding up, imprisoning and then deporting—to a third country—all illegal immigrants.

In May 2012, Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister spelled out why his state was for Jews only:

“If we don’t stop their entry, the problem that currently stands at 60,000 could grow to 600,000, and that threatens our existence as a Jewish and democratic state.”


In other words, the Jews understand very clearly that allowing mass Third World immigration will cause the nature of the receiving society to fundamentally change—so in Israel, they oppose it, but in America, they support it.

It is not only in America where Jews apply this double-standard. In Europe, Jewish lobbies similarly work full-time to support and encourage open borders, while at the same time fanatically supporting Israel’s right to expel all non-Jews who “threaten the Jewish nature” of that state.

For example, an American Jewess by the name of Barbara Lerner Spectre, first immigrated to Israel (she can do that because of Israel’s Jews-only immigration laws), then moved on to Sweden where she married Rabbi Philip Spectre of the Great Synagogue in Stockholm.

She is also head of a Jewish group called Paideia (The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden), and through one of its offshoots, an organization called One Sweden, promotes “multiculturalism” and open borders for Sweden.

Speaking during a recent documentary made about her work in Paideia, Spectre made the following remark, as can be seen in the video extract below:

“I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.”

At the same time, Spectre fanatically supports the Jews-only policy in Israel. In 2007, she was a contributing author to a United Jewish Communities (UJC) of America publication, issued in New York, in which she wrote:

“We need a Jewish community in Europe. Israel needs a Jewish community in Europe. Israel cannot exist, both economically and politically, without Europe. They are necessary advocates for Jewish issues.”—Jewish Peoplehood, Barbara Lerner Spectre, The Peoplehood Papers, UJC, New York, 2007. Originally presented to the UJA-Federation of New York, September 12, 2006.

This outrageous hypocrisy—of demanding that Israel be allowed to be a Jews-only state, while simultaneously demanding that all other nations become “multicultural” and take in as many Third World immigrants as possible, can only be explained in terms of intense Jewish anti-Gentile racism.


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