The British Empire: Rhodesia, the BEST of the British: Africa, Recolonisation – The Jewish Poisonous Mushroom


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A female historian sent me a question for a future show. She asked about the Power of the British Empire. This was my rambling reply:

Maybe just clarify a bit more of what you are looking for so I can give it some thought?
The British in Africa are interesting, and Rhodesia itself, was quite different to the norm of the British.
There is much about the British Empire that needs clarification. For example, when I read the history of our southern region, a lot of the things that happened were NOT driven by the British Govt. In some ways the acquisition of the British Empire was something that had no plan.

One thing I can say with certainty is that the British in southern Africa were ALWAYS at loggerheads with the Boers. The way they treated the Boers, from the beginning was despicable. No boer told me this. I realised this by myself. This could be an interesting topic – the topic of how the Boers went out in search for a country of their own, to get away from the British, and what happened to them, and how the British came, time and again, and cheated them, tricked them and stole from them, until, in the end, when Gold and Diamonds were discovered, the British came to kill them. There are photos I need to find in this regard because the damage the British caused was far worse than just the concentration camps where women and children died.

I regard the Jewish-controlled British as a permanent enemy of the Boers and Afrikaans speakers of South Africa – to this day. Britain’s behaviour has been despicable.

Of late I’ve been revisiting and studying Rhodesian history much more closely. I think its fair to say that Rhodesia was the best of the British. It is actually unbelievable, that the most loyal, most pro-british country in all of Africa, that ALWAYS did what the British asked, should, in the end, rebel against the British. It was said in Rhodesia that we were more British, than the British.

None of this made any sense, until I understood Jews and the Rothschilds. Now I know why the British are so terrible.

The British Empire is fascinating, but it needs closer study. A lot of British control of Africa was quite flimsy. And Britain, while being the creator of South Africa, was, and remains, at odds with the whites of south Africa.

That Rhodesia was able to rebel as it did, was quite an amazing feat.

The real problem, that I perceive in the Western world, not just with the very pathetic British, but with the modern USA, is that ultimately, the real issue is ECONOMIC. There is a HUGE economic problem that whites in general have. This economic problem is probably vastly exacerbated by Jewry outside of the West, ensuring that they "apply sanctions" to Western nations they don’t like. The only reason the West is totally insane these days has to do with Jews and Jewish Economics.

In this regard, I think Hitler is the only honest, and intelligent leader who truly grasped how to run an economy, and he was trying to solve those problems, in part, with lebensraum. Europe and Britain suffer from a terrible lack of resources. This is a huge strategic weakness that they have to this day. While North America and Russia have vast resources. But even greater resources lie untapped here in Africa – wealth beyond all imagination actually.

The USA currently owes $21 trillion in debt. Do you know that the remaining wealth, underground, in South Africa alone, is estimated to be $53 trillion?

The value of the African continent is beyond imagination. My own view is that Europe must reconquer, and seize Africa as an extension of itself. I think though, that when sanity returns, the West will need to seize chunks of Africa. Africa itself, is, thank goodness, falling apart and breaking apart. I see only a future of conflict and collapse in Africa, so this century will open up big opportunities in Africa.

Feel free to send some questions my way so I can give it thought and do a bit of digging.

I must tell you, as an aside, the Germans, when they had German East Africa, were on a nice roll. If only the Germans had not lost their colonies. Hitler, in his 20 point plan, DEMANDED colonies. Whites are a naturally expanding people and we conquer and settle anywhere and we enjoy it and are excellent at it. The conquest of North America alone is the greatest feat of colonisation of our race. All of us should be extremely proud of it. Yet, amazingly, the Jew has made white Americans hate themselves!!!

I do like Julius Streicher’s description of the Jew as "The Poisonous Mushroom". It’s one of the most brilliant observations of what Jews really are. Truly, they’re a poison in our midst I tell you.

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