University of Virginia considers removing statue of Revolutionary War officer – My comments


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Belongs in ‘museum where it can be presented as a shameful memory,’ activist says

As the University of Virginia grapples with its history of segregation through a formal commission, a local antiwar activist is suggesting an item for its agenda.

David Swanson is petitioning the public university to remove a nearly 100-year-old statue that depicts an American revolutionary on horseback clashing with Native Americans in combat.

The statue commemorates George Rogers Clark, also known as Hannibal of the West, for his accomplishments in expanding U.S. territory westward after leading militia efforts during the Revolutionary War. He was born in Albemarle County, where UVA sits.

Swanson, who advertises himself as a repeat Nobel Peace Prize nominee, calls the statue a “monument to genocide” that does not reflect the values of the campus community.

The statue should be moved “to a museum where it can be presented as a shameful memory,” reads the petition on the website Swanson helps run, As of Tuesday night the petition is under 50 supporters away from Swanson’s goal of 500 signatures.

The activist took the initiative to contact UVA President Jim Ryan about the statue, and Ryan referred the matter to the President’s Commission on the University in the Age of Segregation, The Cavalier Daily reported last week.

It’s not clear why the Clark statue does not appear to have drawn high-profile opposition until now. Swanson’s petition notes that the statue, which sits on the edge of campus, is now obscured on three sides by “the growth of trees.” But it could also be that UVA and nearby Charlottesville are full of bigger targets.

For the past few years, the university has been wracked by activism against its founder, Thomas Jefferson, with students vandalizing his monument and calling the American founder a “racist rapist.” Students and professors even demanded that Ryan’s predecessor, Teresa Sullivan, stop quoting Jefferson in public.

UVA media relations did not immediately answer a College Fix query Tuesday to explain whether the statue’s removal is contingent on the commission’s decision.


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