2 Pics: Doesn’t this ancient Peruvian mummy look like a White Male? – The Lord Of Sipan

[I have been thinking for quite some time that whites made it into North and South America long ago. Look at this Peruvian mummy. This recreation does not look like an Asian – since Asians were supposed to have colonised both Americas. This guy has a very European/White face. Jan]

Have you ever heard of the Moche mummies? The Lord of Sipan was the first of a slew of discoveries that have been labeled the Moche mummies. Archaeologists originally found him in 1987, in Peru.

sipan lord

This discovery was one of the most significant of the 20th century. The Lord of Sipan had a load of treasures buried with his body, similar to King Tut. How do you think they recreated this historical figure?

Here Is The Sipan Lord

As you can imagine, the forensic team had their work cut out for them! Sadly, pressure from the sediment broke the skull into 96 separate pieces during the excavation. Thankfully, modern tech helped a huge deal in reconstruction.

lord-reconstruction face curlysass/Reddit

There’s a process called photogrammetry (creating a 3-D image by using cameras set up at different angles) that the team used to reconfigure the skull. The Brazilian Team of Forensic Anthropology and Forensic Odontology produced this image.

Source: https://www.pastfactory.com/history/what-historical-figures-really-looked-like/32/

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