George Lincoln Rockwell’s 100th Birthday Anniversary!


[I was a bit slow in publishing this. But the other day was his 100th birthday anniversary and I am told that there were people who gathered in Washington to remember him. Rockwell knew whites and he knew the future. I’m glad that decades later they begin to realise what a GREAT MAN he really was! He was awesome. And for us whites he is a shining light as the first white man after WW2 to go on the attack against the Jews and blacks in the USA while the rest of the white populace was asleep. He went and fought and died for us, even though most people did not understand and grasp the importance of what he was doing!

He is critically important because he found a way to fight the Jews in a country where the mass of English whites were asleep. The Jews had to kill him because otherwise he would have been successful. His problem was that whites did not want to be led by him. But he knew it was critically important to keep on doing so anyway even though many disagreed with him and they came and went. But he stuck to his goals until the Jews had him assassinated. Jan]

Today March 9, 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of George Lincoln Rockwell’s birth. The man needs little to no presentation as his achievements have been covered far and wide, not only at Renegade Tribune, but also in a host of different websites all over the Internet. His philosophy as leader and activist gets pretty much encapsulated in the first video, which shows to what extent George Lincoln Rockwell was a “controversial” figure in the still conservative America of the 1960s. One is left to wonder what would have the über-Liberal mainstream media of today done with him had he been around in such an age like the one we have been so “privileged”, as White people, to live in. I suppose he would have been literary burned at the stake by the Jewish-Marxist inquisitorial front, but one is also left to think what George Lincoln Rockwell would have done with a tool such as the Internet had he had the chance to use it.

American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell carries placards as he picketed building in Dallas, Jan. 29, 1966 to test a city law against picketing by groups such as his. Rockwell was not arrested. (AP Photo/Fred Kaufman)

As the first video shows, he did not make any bones about the fraudulent nature of the so-called “Jewish Holocaust” which by then was starting to be promoted big time as part of the agenda for Jewish world domination. It is sad to witness the fact that, in spite of sacrifices like Rockwell’s, Western civilization has sunk even deeper into chaos and dissolution since the time he was still around in this world, which begs the question: was George Lincoln Rockwell a man born before his time?
You can read the rest and watch the videos on Renegade:

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