US: Gains and losses in congressional seats – Conservative Flight

[This is from an American lady I know. The USA has a very flexible side to it which is good. But in the long run, Whites need to stand their ground and fix things without running or fleeing. But for now, it's ok if the Democrats are weakened in this way. It's better than nothing. Jan]
She wrote:

The conservatives moved out of liberal states this year , causing California and other liberal states to lose representatives, and causing the conservative states like Texas, Arizona and Florida to gain more representatives.

this is a good reminder of the shrewdness of the founding fathers, who knew what a despotic government was like, and put plans in place to thwart tyrants.

California will lose more seats and so will New York, due to this population shift. These states treat their citizens terribly with high taxes and restrictions, and now they are losing votes in congress. They are getting what they deserve.

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