The shocking cost of US Aid to the lazy worthless Jews of Israel! $249 billion!!


[I spotted a shocking fact that someone was spreading on the social media. It has to do with US Aid to Israel. I can’t help but chuckle when I hear of the INCREDIBLE amount of AID that Israel has got from the USA over the years! We whites in Africa never cost the Western world a cent, in fact, the Western world went to great lengths to put out sanctions and to PREVENT US from BUYING the equipment we needed in which case we had to invent it or build it ourselves. To us it was unthinkable to expect jet aircraft and tanks and missiles as the Israelis have been getting!

Below is an image from the German DOCUMENTARY (they call it a “film/movie” but its a factual documentary that the Germans did in WW2). It was called The Eternal Jew and I have it here on my channel. (You can view it HERE.) The Germans had a poster for it which you see below. My Boer NAZI pal told me that there is symbolism in this picture below that the Germans drew about the Eternal Jew. Some of the symbolism has been noted in the image below. The symbolism as described to me by my Boer NAZI pal is this: The Jew has gold coins in his hand yet he is begging for money. Meanwhile under his arm is the Soviet Union and its communism which the Jew controls! (This was the big shocker to the whites of Europe in the 1920s!). The expression on the dirty Jew’s face is one of pleading poverty.

So if we return to 2017, we see that the Jew is no different. As the Germans said “the eternal Jew”. This is how he always was and how he will always be! So those Jews wanted their own independent state and now they have it and now they still need to bum things off whites. Not to mention that the Germans pay the Jews billions annually and they even gave them 6 of their newest Daphne submarines! The Boers had some in the time of Apartheid. We still have them, but we had to buy them – the Jews get them for free after guilt-tripping the Germans and lying to the world about them! But look at how much Israel has cost the USA. Below is an image someone passed around on the social media.

Below are other charts I came across of Aid to Israel. Take note of the one which shows how many houses of the Palestinians the Jews smash versus the cost of aid to the worthless, lazy, cowardly, Jew garbage of Israel! Sickening! But that’s how “friendship” with the Jewish filth works.

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