VERY IMPORTANT: Jews are tossing White Americans in jail for spreading flyers

I have been aware for some time that Whites in the USA are spreading flyers around wherein they tell the TRUTH about History and Jews. It never entered my mind that somehow someone could get into TROUBLE for spreading flyers. Here in South Africa people are putting flyers everywhere and tossing them in your mailbox or where they can.

America is the land of FREE SPEECH … apparently… and I truly did not imagine, in any way, shape or form that anyone could actually get into trouble for spreading something as basic as a flyer.

It was with the utmost horror that I heard recently that the Whites in the USA, White men and White Women are actually being THROWN IN JAIL for the spreading of fliers.

In South Africa we have "by laws" for your neighbourhood. And I’m not sure if people are violating similar types of laws in the USA or whether Jews are twisting the arms of law enforcement or what is going on.

But the bottom line is that Whites have been THROWN IN JAIL for this and others are standing trial for this.

This is utterly disgusting. I can’t believe this is happening.

Whites are doing JAIL TIME for just putting up a FLYER somewhere.

I’ll be monitoring this, and also looking to get more info on this.

This is terrible. And it seems to me that the Whites are struggling to get proper legal defense and problem lawyers.

So it seems to me people are being whacked because the Jews know how to abuse the rules and the Whites are totally unprepared for this. The Whites seem to lack money, legal defense, etc.


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