Video: RW03 – South Africa: Why Blacks will fight Whites: Two Phase Revolution


I discuss why the blacks will fight the whites and the conditions under which it is most likely to happen. I discuss and show pages from a 1986 Apartheid publication “Talking with the ANC…”. In this publication it discusses the Communist Two Phase strategy of revolutionary theory that the ANC, SACP (South African Communist Party) and the Soviet Union subscribed to. I also scanned these and a few other pages and they are there on the URL where the video is so that you can read them in full. I will put out the full book later. I also discuss how the whites co-existed with Mugabe for 20 years and why it came unstuck and why the same is likely to happen in South Africa.

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3 thoughts on “Video: RW03 – South Africa: Why Blacks will fight Whites: Two Phase Revolution

  • 13th November 2017 at 8:54 pm

    I don’t know if it’s possible for blacks and whites to co-exist, or whether blacks can develop a modernised society in keeping with the genetics. (Very possibly not: all African politicians in Britain are concerned only with grabbing what they can, and make not the slightest attempt to modernise Africa and improve it).
    …… BUT it is worrying that whites and blacks are considering civil war. The fact is (as Jan knows perfectly well) that Jews have caused this situation, and are the enemy. The situation is a bit like WW2, where ordinary Germans ended up fighting ordinary Russians, who of course were used by Jews. The result was tens of millions of deaths of whites in a vast territory (Russia is about half the size of the whole of Africa). The Jews got away with it, and in fact won WW2.
    ……The Jewish model of their ‘nation’ is not territorial, but spread across and on top of other nations. They have to be fought differently.

  • 30th October 2017 at 6:41 am

    Gerritt Mes is the author

  • 30th October 2017 at 6:38 am

    The issue with blacks working to dispossess whites is that whites operate according to a farming mentality. Blacks operate according to a hunter gatherer mentality. The black economic model is based on roaming around in bands of hunter gatherers and collecting whatever one can and then moving on. Blacks think about a week into the future. Whites on the other hand will think in terms of years and this is why they can farm. This ability to think in terms of years happens through the imagination. But since blacks don’t think that far into the future they just wander around and gather what they can, sometimes through dispossessing whites.

    They are not thinking in terms of the poverty this could bring them in the long run if they get what they want. They live for today. They are in the present. They don’t think ahead into the future. The reason whites and blacks cannot operate in the same society is because the difference in time conception, whites look further into the future, means whites will act like farmers and blacks will act like bands of hunter gatherers.

    This is why in America blacks form into gangs, this is why in America they have to be placated with welfare. My point is that the blacks are not necessarily being evil, my point is that they are operating in accordance with the economic model that is natural to their mentality.

    Jews are not farmers nor are they hunter gatherers. Jews are pastoral nomads. Their ancestors were shepherds. Part of being a shepherd is you have to be organized as a tribe to defend yourself from raids by other tribes, like bedouin raids. Nomadic pastoralism requires a lot of tribal loyalty. Hollywood actors are like a flock of sheep being tended to by jewish shepherds.

    The farming mentality on the other hand tends to require more of a feudal structure similar to what is found in the catholic church where you have one person on the top setting policy and it trickles down like a pyramid in a very organized manner. Similar to the Roman Empire. Or even the Aztec Empire or Chinese Empires.

    Jewish religious organization reflects their nomadic pastoralism in that rather than having an authoritarian structure they have a bunch of rabbis debating stuff in the talmud. This is why they can never fit into a western society. They are not genetically suited to operate in a top down structure, they always throw things off. Their tendency to create social chaos can be good if a structure is extremely corrupt and needs to be shaken up however the jewish influence is not good in the long term for any structure, they are just not compatible with top down structures. All Kings need to exile jews from their realm, jews are a constant insurrectionist element.

    Pastoral nomads exist in between hunter gatherers and farmers in terms of their organizational abilities. I think that whites can survive in the midst of blacks if the whites manage to make it very clear what the boundaries are and if the whites do what has to be done to earn respect through self-protection and exhibiting strength. However I do think the best strategy for whites is to simply not live among blacks.

    I suggest people look into the book “Now Men and Tomorrow Men” By G.D. Med. It gets into how the difference between whites and blacks and there economic models is based on how far they can look into the future. All this ethnic differences is based upon what economy their minds are most suited for based on how far they can think into the future in terms of the material effects of their behaviors in the tangible world.

    Whites managed to incorporate indigenous South Americans into a white economic structure because many of the indigenous south Americans were a part of a farming empire, Incan and Aztec, similar to the Roman Empire. For this reason whites tend to be able to get along with East Asians.

    Despite the fact Jews have a higher IQ than mestizos Jews are not suited to be a part of a modern western economy because they are nomadic pastoralists. Jews are a Middle Eastern people and they belong in the Middle East.

    As far as the issue of islam goes I am not muslim and to some extent I am anti-muslim. It doesn’t belong in the western world. However I sometimes wonder if whites in south africa should convert to islam in order to develop a more martial mentality so that they can work on protecting their tribe. I think whites will have to abandon a farmer mentality in South Africa and adopt a more nomadic pastoral mentality. Even white farmers will have to abandon the farmer mentality, even if they choose to continue farming.

    What I mean is that a islamic or jewish style tribal mentality may be necessary if the whites are to survive in south africa. Whites do not necessarily need to adopt a middle eastern version of this mentality. The Irish were a pastoral people and the vikings had traits found among nomadic pastoralists and so whites in south africa could return to a pagan mentality found in the ancient norse/germanic pagan lore or ancient celtic lore. So whites can get this mentality in a european pagan way.

    I just do not think christianity is appropriate for white south africans because the purpose of christianity is to make people docile in order for a top down hierarchal structure to be accepted. But whites need to organize just like pastoral nomadic tribes would to defend themselves from raids.

    Something like islam or norse germanic paganism would be better for white south africans than christianity. Heck even judaism might be better than christianity for white south africans. Christianity I think is acceptable for American whites because American whites have a lot of different races around them and are not just simply surrounded by hunter gatherers.

    But I vote for norse paganism for south african whites, however even islam would be better for the whites in south africa than christianity. South African whites need a religion that glorifies self-defense.


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