COMPUTERISED US Election Voter Fraud? – Is there a Pelosi & Jewish connection? – Voting Machines

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[Here is something worth investigating. Is this true? It would make sense that the biggest chance of serious fraud comes from the companies that sell the machines because you could then get computer programmers to do some naughty stuff. This is a line of thinking worth looking into. Jan]

This is from an email:

Today, on Maria Bartiroma, Sidney Powell, atty for Gen Flynn, stated the machines used to count the votes in many states were purchased from Dominion. Dominion is owned by Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein’s husband and Soros and other Democrats!

Several election officials have noted using these machines that Trump votes were changed to Biden votes.

Georgia noted that the night of Nov.2 a patch was added to their computer systems The patch changed Trump votes to Biden votes.

To cure the changed vote problem all paper ballots need to be recounted by hand in the states using the Dominion machines and the machines that had patches installed.

Hopefully this will be done and or ordered by the Supreme Court.


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