AMERICA IS WHITE – White Americans are Romans and were meant to be Romans by the Founding Fathers

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[I wrote this to some people. Jan]

WHITE AMERICANS ARE ROMANS – REALLY! That is what the FOUNDING FATHERS OF AMERICA INTENDED THEM TO BE AND CREATED EVERYTHING IN IT’S PLACE FOR THAT. The (((modern))) notion that White Americans are soft and need to care for every niglet and respect every jew and be a SOFT LIBERAL – has NO BASIS IN FACT. America’s actual DESIGN, via constitution, is for a Roman State. Now the Roman State mutated and changed ACCORDING TO THE NEEDS OF THE ROMANS. The Romans were not Liberals. The Romans BELIEVED IN EXPANSION – conquest actually. The Romans understood the need to fight, and they weren’t quitters.

America is NOT DESIGNED for ANY political ideology. America is designed to be FLEXIBLE according to the needs of Americans. But, America was NOT created by Indians. It was NOT created by Blacks or Jews. It was created by WHITE EUROPEANS. There’s even that mention in the US Constitution about a citizen being a "free White" person. I think this was mentioned in 1795.


America is designed to be flexible and to change according to it’s core citizen base, which is WHITE AMERICANS.

Jews and other worthless scum now want to tell you that Jews, Niggers and all sorts of shit are also Americans now. But for the vast majority of America’s history the only real immigrants WERE WHITE EUROPEANS! That is what MOST of the American Presidents stuck to, until recent times when Jews changed that.

The notion that America is a melting pot which includes non-Whites is total shit. Whites have been more than half the population for most of the time. All the Presidents were WHITES until that mixed race half Jew piece of crap Obama appeared on the scene and Jews shoved him in.

America was DESIGNED TO BE WHATEVER WHITE AMERICANS WANT IT TO BE. White Americans CREATED AMERICA, White Americans OWN AMERICA and White Americans don’t have to ask ANYONE for ANY PERMISSION AS TO WHAT TO DO IN AMERICA. It is yours, has always been yours and you can do with it whatever is in YOUR INTEREST.

Therefore you can change America into anything the hell you want it to be.

But as a HIGHER HUMAN, the LOWER HUMANS will scream and whine and stand in your way. You, like all Europeans will be faced with the choice of cucking to Jews and other races, or, doing like the Romans, Hitler or Napoleon or Caesar, and CARVING OUT and CHANGING anything you want to change.

The European Man will discover that you CANNOT deal with the lower man. The lower man is a fool and liar. The lower man can’t create, nor sustain a higher civilisation. Only the higher man can do that, and the highest civilisation is Western Civilisation. You’ll have to realise that you cannot have Jews and Blacks in meetings. You can’t vote on it, you will have to decide what is best for all of you and then you’ll have to DO IT REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE OTHERS SAY.

This is how history really works. This is the ONLY WAY for the White male – EVERYWHERE – not just in America.

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