The ONLY good thing that can come from a Trump loss: Trump Media & Social Media companies


There is one thing Trump can do, in the event that he can’t retain power, and that is to start his own media companies and his own social media companies.

Twitter has said that they will be removing his protected status when he’s no longer president. So they are going to silence him.

Silencing him is everything. The only way he will be able to speak is to do like the rest of us, and work via his own personal methods. He has the money to set up his own media companies.

I hope he starts a social media company. I would imagine this could work.

He is heading downhill like Ross Perot did. Ross Perot’s final end run was THE TEA PARTY and i don’t know what that final outcome was. It fell short of its goals.

They will do all they can to discredit, destroy, bankrupt and silence Trump … but if he has a media company that can help to buy time and assist whites.

This is the only positive I see.

What I don’t like is the notion that Kushner will be there. That’s BAD.

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