Video: Jews believe THEY ARE GOD!

Jews believe the Jewish People ARE GOD & that they are ABOVE ALL THE LAWS OF NON-JEWS. The Jewish Messiah NEVER came to create Israel. This is a direct violation of their own prophecies. I tell of a discussion I had with my Jewish friend & his Rabbi and they told me that Israel should NOT EXIST. The Rabbi’s in the synagogue’s are the people are the heart of the “Jewish problem”. It begins with those Rabbis in those synagogues. If Mosques can be shut down in Western countries, then why can’t synagogues be shut down? Jews are the ULTIMATE HYPOCRITES! In this video I read emails between myself and an old Rhodesian I know as I try to wake him up to the Jewish problem. This video contains an excerpt from The Great Jewish Mask where it discusses the Jews seeing themselves as God. The Jews believe they must control ALL the world’s wealth and rule over all peoples who will be their slaves.

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