MGTOW – Men Going their Own Way – Women can and do destroy Men in the blink of an eye


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[A lot of White men steer clear of White women because of the danger which women pose. There used to be a LOT of MGTOW videos on Youtube until recent times when the Jews were busy censoring. I noticed they wiped out all the MGTOW videos. Lots of men, especially White men in America who had been married were advising other younger men to stay away from women. As I understand it, in the USA 70% of divorces are initiated by the women and then the men are wiped out. It's something I've pondered many times myself. In the blink of an eye a woman can wipe out and walk away everything you spent your entire life working for. This is the result of Jews unleashing feminism and many other negative forces that have damaged and destroyed the White family. The White family needs to be revived. But I have spoken to many American men. And there is also an ANGER … a real ANGER and RAGE at what women have done to them. Below is what an American man I know, who was in the USAF during the Vietnam war, recently wrote to another man. It related to an American military veteran who committed suicide due to his divorce and it's aftermath. That is terrible. Jan]

Here’s what the US Veteran wrote:
Fri, Aug 26 2022

Not sure if you’re familiar with the now formidable "MGTOW" phenomenon; those letters standing for "Men Going Their Own Way." It’s an ever-blooming social trend where men have realized the sheer liability, on multiple fronts, of pursuing women in the name of creation of a family, or even just attempting to establish a meaningful intimate relationship, all due to the egregious imbalances of so called court "justice" that is meted-out against men in the name of women’s fickleness, relentless demands, and twisted notions of where happiness resides.

The ‘MGTOW’ movement is a bi-product of a culture now virtually bankrupt in its value systems, which teaches people that happiness lives in one’s ability to possess goods and partake of unfettered consumption, where social status and satisfaction is believed to be achieved through same. So many stories of men brought to ruin by women these days, fueled by a social value system as bereft of meaningful values as an empty, dilapidated house.

Our nation is in profound crisis now, on so many fronts. And it’s only just beginning to get ugly. On the matter of damage to America, the "vaccines" will perform as a nationwide carpet-bombing campaign over the next few years, as our human infrastructure is blown apart from loss of human life in all sectors. Add to that, stories like the one presented here, and it starts to look very grim indeed. We have no idea the breadth and depth of what’s coming to America, all good people and their efforts withstanding.

Note: This message was in response to the story about the veteran who committed suicide due to his divorce and its aftermath. dj

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