THE ELITE RUN EVERYTHING: Trump was a populist – Trump had too many enemies among the Elite & the (((Rich)))…


When I look at the way this thing is playing out regarding the election, I think that Trump had alienated the entire elite. Now this is NOT a bad thing. I think he was a populist, trying to also score points as a President who did what the people wanted. I did not mind his ego. Ego is a part of life, and ego, used correctly, can be positive and motivating for a man. Yes, he’s in love with himself, but he is also certain of himself and he boldly pushes his way forward.

But when I look at the way he was attacked throughout his presidency, just as Alex Linder said, it’s a never ending drum beat.

Then we have the very weird events around the election.

KEEP IN MIND THE ELITE RUN EVERYTHING. They have access to almost everyone at every level. If the Elite decide something is good for the country, they have the RAW POWER to make it happen. They pay salaries, they have access to CEOs, they have employees, they even can win over law enforcement, and they can put FIRM PRESSURE on people and even scare and intimidate people. America has OWNERS … as the comedian George Carlin pointed out.

When I look at what’s happening, this is not some mom and pop exercise. This can only be done by people with serious amounts of power and influence. This is not simple, baby stuff.

I think the elite hated Trump, and that includes the (((rich))) who feared that Trump was awakening the Whites. They hated it because they are hell bent on a future that includes non-whites. Bizarre as it seems, they see whites, even white Americans as a threat, and I am certain that I grasp why. It has to do with their view of power. And we will return to Professor Quigley and his views of civilisation. Because in there lie a bunch of key concepts.

I think Trump has been f*cked over by the elite families, the billionaires and all the other assorted (((rich))) and influential ones. They love making huge amounts of money and they’re not nationalists. The (((rich))) turned them into internationalists and multiculturalists.

The super rich are out of control.

I think Trump is a billionaire who is going to take a lot of beatings from the elite and the (((rich))). He will be kicked into line. He will be thoroughly punished when this is over.

I hope that Trump starts a media company or a set of media companies. That’s my main hope.

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