FABULOUS, FANTASTIC, EXCELLENT: 8 European countries where hideous Jewish Kosher animal slaughter is BANNED

While reading an article I found this fantastic news. Sadly, circumcision is not banned in any Western country. That too should be BANNED!

But here is the info about countries where hideous, filthy, CRUEL, Jewish kosher animal slaughter IS BANNED!!!! And may there be MANY MANY MANY MORE!

BTW, Wallonia in Belgium is where the late great, Waffen SS Leon Degrelle came from! Wonderful revenge! BAN KOSHER SLAUGHTER ACROSS THE WESTERN WORLD!!!!

Here is the info:

Five European Union member states — Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania and Slovenia — have blanket bans on ritual slaughter. So too do three other non-EU countries in Western Europe: Norway, Switzerland and Iceland.

In Belgium, it is currently illegal only in Flanders, or the Flemish Region, which is one of three states that make up the federal kingdom. Another region, Wallonia, will impose a ban in September. Austria and Estonia also enforce strict supervision of the custom that some Jews there say makes it nearly impossible.

Source: https://www.haaretz.com/world-news/europe/belgian-ban-on-kosher-slaughter-has-jews-worried-about-what-s-next-1.6809042

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