Swiss Hotel says: Dirty Jews must shower before Swimming – Lots of “Jewish Outrage”

[This stupid story is doing the rounds everywhere as these Jews are all aghast at the rules this woman made. If you read different variants of the story it becomes clear that two Jewesses went and swam without bathing AND OTHER PEOPLE COMPLAINED!!! So they must have been filthy. Jews are not known for their cleanliness I must tell you. Then there was the refrigerator rule too.

Whites must stop having their minds and values being dictated by JEWS! Whites have a right to draw their own conclusions and to think their own thoughts. Across the Western world every time some white reaches his own valid conclusion about the Jewish swine, its then a “crime” and an outrage. When Napoleon put the Jews in their place that was also evil. Ditto for Hitler, etc. Whites need to quit cow-towing the line to Jewish influence and thought. We have rights too. We are people too. We have every right to be “racist” as an how we see fit. There’s nothing wrong with it.

Jews have so twisted our minds that we don’t even allow ourselves the right to speak our minds honestly and frankly among ourselves. This is a HIDEOUS SITUATION. This is madness of the highest order.

Below are 2 links to the story about the rule in the Swiss Hotel and new cries of “Antisemitism” blah blah. I could puke I’m so sick of it. Jan]



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