Whites NEED ENEMIES… its HEALTHY… When the others start… a-running for their lives!

This is from an excerpt in a message I wrote to a supporter:

But we may be in for a wild ride, and our race needs it. We NEED ENEMIES. It will be healthy and you’ll see what will result from it. The harsher the better. It separates the men from the boys. You’ll see who are the weaklings who will fold, and many of these may surprise you! You’ll be surprised who is strong and who is weak. But being on the edge of destruction may be the perfect medicine for our race. It will make us stick together like never before.

Mark my words: People do NOT DIE EASILY. NEVER! The Jews may have put us in a spot, but it could result in the greatest outpouring of anger you’ve ever seen from our race.

Even here in SA, as the hardship really bites, you will see it will be good for us. Our people will learn to value each other. The harsher the threats on us … the better. When the white man gets going … everyone will begin a-running!

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