Strange Nature: Hundreds of Turkish Sheep die in a mass cliff jump… but MOST SURVIVED!!

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[This is quite a weird story, and although hundreds of sheep got killed through their own stupid behaviour, MOST actually survived by being cushioned by the bodies of those below them, and more survived than died!! Its actually damned weird! Nature is cool and weird! This event happened in 2005.

I enjoyed Virgil’s quote: It never troubles the wolf how many the sheep may be! We whites must become wolves again! Jan]

Turkish sheep die in ‘mass jump’


The sheep were precious to the local villagers

Turkish shepherds watched in horror as hundreds of their sheep followed each other over a cliff, say Turkish newspaper reports.

First one sheep went over the cliff edge, only to be followed by the whole flock, according to the reports.

More than 400 sheep died in the 15-metre fall – their bodies cushioning the fall of 1,100 others who followed.

The sheep belonged to villagers in the eastern Van province. Papers say the sheep were worth around £42,000 in all.

“Every family had an average of 20 sheep,” one villager told the Aksam daily newspaper.

“But now only a few families have sheep left. It’s going to be hard for us.”


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