We miss our MOTHERS … 2 of female my supporter’s Mothers died…


2 of my female supporters, one in Europe and one in the USA, both lost their mothers. My European friend mentioned that her mom died recently. She had looked after her mother until she died. Her father, BTW, had fought in the Wehrmacht and is still alive – though very old of course.

Both these supporters tell me how much they miss their mothers.

I miss my own Mom.

I wish white women would realise the importance of being MOTHERS and how much they affect all of us. We all miss our mothers deeply when they are gone.

When will white women realise the value of motherhood and that they alone can play the role in massively increasing our numbers. Children, in the end, are the only future there is and the only thing that really matters for us. This is how nature works.

It’s not your stupid career that matters, but the children. They and their children will live on until the end of time.

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