Support the White Racialists of Britain – ENGLAND LIVES!!!


It is very important to note that even in Britain, Jewish-anti-white, Boer-hating Britain, that small groups of white racialists are arising. We must support them. Britain IS THE PRIMARY ENEMY OF WHITE SOUTH AFRICA ESPECIALLY THE BOERS TO THIS DAY. So support the few whites who are trying to fight for whites in Jewish Britain. I know these guys. They’re good. Check out:

One thought on “Support the White Racialists of Britain – ENGLAND LIVES!!!

  • 28th August 2018 at 7:28 pm

    Jan. I watch all your videos. And I invite you to research Welsh history (I am Welsh)

    With the exception of English living in Wales, many Welsh (impossible to say how many) but a good leverage don’t consider themselves British.
    And we had a history of persecution from three English, such as What Churchill did with the miners.

    I only mention because I would prefer you didn’t lump as together with the English.

    Wales has the highest percentage of NATIVE Celtic white DNA. (R1b) than any country in Europe according to my sources. Maybe you’ll find that interesting to note.

    I hope you mention in one of your videos. That the uk consists of people other than English.



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