America: The New (Jewish) British Empire: America’s wild, irrational paranoia about invasion … is it Jew-induced thinking?


Among the things I’ve been digging into and thinking about, relates to some fascinating analyses about the USA made by a British Captain in the Royal Navy who wrote many books. A Captain in the Navy is a much more senior rank than a Captain in the Army. A Naval Captain has the rank equivalent to a Colonel in the Army. He is just slightly lower than a General.

I went and did some re-checking on this topic.

The British Captain, in a fascinating book about Germany, and the entire madness of WW2, also made a point about the insane paranoia in the USA about invasion.

Maybe the main threat in this regard starts with the Soviet Union under Jewish control and them having thousands of nukes pointed at the USA. But other than the soviet nuclear threat, the USA is actually the safest nation on earth. It does not have any neighbours that can invade it. Invasion even by Russia and China is almost militarily impossible. Its actually an incredibly safe country … even today … except for all the aliens and garbage the Jews are letting in.

But in all normal respects the USA is a very safe country. However, its elites are behaving as if there are wolves at the door.

The Captain also made the point that some of the arguments made about US safety are ridiculous. For example, he said someone senior, I think a General, once made the argument that if the island of Formosa was lost to the communists, that the USA would lose control of the entire Pacific. He found the argument to be ridiculous and marvelled that a senior officer could make such a ridiculous argument with a straight face.

I do wonder whether the Elites, perhaps prodded on by Jews, or even driven by the Jews, are engaging in a wild and rampant and overdone military, giving bogus reasons, in order to allow them to turn the USA into an Empire.

The USA is DEFINITELY, in my view, a replacement for the British Empire. The British Empire, especially its navy was a mercenary force for use by the Jews, especially the Rothschild scum. However, since the UK was largely destroyed by its needless warmongering in WW2, now the Jews seem to have shifted their focus to using the USA as their attack dog across the world … until they wear out and tire out white Americans.

If it were not for the Jews creating the Soviet Communist state, there would NEVER have been a nuclear threat to the USA to begin with. And don’t forget that JEWS actually took the USA’s lead in nuclear weapons and handed it over, hook, line and sinker to the Soviets!

The Jews created the greatest existential threat to the USA that has ever occured.

Later, the Jews worked to ensure that the USA lost wars that it could have won: e.g. Vietnam, Korea, etc.

The USA seems to fight wars that it does not need to fight, while avoiding the wars that it should be fighting.

I regard AIPAC and Jewish thoughts of America being great in the 21st century as being the basis by which “American Greatness” is really being used to win wars for the Jewish scum. Like I say the USA is really “the New British Empire”.

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