Pic: DISGUSTING: No Justice for Whites! Matt Hale’s court motion appeal REJECTED!!!


[The Jew/Liberal scum have the whole system sewn up totally. Here is Matt who was put in jail due to various trickery, and now that he tries to make some moves… they won’t even listen… Its just rejected out of hand by the Clerk of the Court! It doesn’t even get a chance to be heard. But I would like to see what happens to Jews and blacks supported by Jews… Matt, effectively is sitting in jail for LIFE (for all practical purposes) for a small one-time event – which itself may have been a setup! He has decades of prison to serve.

THERE’S NO JUSTICE FOR WHITES WHO STAND UP FOR WHITES! White men and women… this is our future… ask the Germans sitting in jail in Germany… ask Alfred and Monica Schaefer how the legal system is working out for them, or Sylvia Stolz or Horst Mahler or Gerd Ittner or the many others! Jan]

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