WHEN RUSSIANS KILL RUSSIANS: The Inhumane Russians: The very nasty concept of a Blocking Force! – Chechen Blocking Units in Ukraine

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I marvel at the many Whites who look up to the Russians, but I bet you NOT ONE OF THEM WOULD ACTUALLY WANT TO LIVE IN RUSSIA BY RUSSIAN RULES. They will admire Russia from afar, but NOBODY would actually go there to live among them!

The Russians are known for their bravery, but since WW2 there is a really horrific reason why Russians are brave. In WW2 the Germans reported, and there was strong evidence that Russians had special military units who were BEHIND the advancing Russians. These units had machine guns. Their purpose was to KILL any Russians who retreated! Yes, Russians shot other Russians dead with machine guns.

There are many examples of Russian inhumanity to Russians. Another one is from General Zhukov who is the greatest Russian general in WW2, but hardly comparable to the German Generals.

Zhukov had no problem sending his own troops through a minefield. His logic was that he would lose less men going through a minefield than he would lose by attacking the Germans directly! So he would just order his men to attack through a minefield and they must just keep advancing. Eventually enough of them will detonate enough landmines so that there is a path for the others.

In the Ukraine war I have heard of Russian Blocking Units. They use them to this day. I heard of Chechens being used as a Blocking Unit for a recent counter attack by Russians. So again, as in WW2, the concept is that if the Russians RETREAT, they will be shot dead by those behind them.

All the people who love the Russians should get their passports and visas and go and live in Russia under Putin. I would love to see how long they last there. I don’t think any of them would live in that state even now. It’s easy to love someone from afar. It’s a whole different thing to live there.

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