Facebook Whacks me with another 30 day ban for ??? – I don’t know! – Plus FB rejects messages to THEM!!


Facebook zapped me with a 30 day jail sentence over a month ago for posting a note about Matt Hale’s birthday! That apparently violated their Terms of Service.

So I went back on the 29th day, just to check the status of things. I saw that I was still locked out. I tried to post or like something and it told me that I was still in violation. So no problem.

I went back 2 days later, expecting to now have access to Facebook again since I was unable to post anything… and… well, it appears I committed a new “crime” – but I don’t know what, since I wasn’t allowed to do anything!!!

So its actually 4 days after my 1st 30 day “jail term” … and look now… I apparently have a new sentence with another 25 days to go! BUT WHAT DID I DO???? SINCE I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO DO ANYTHING!?!?!?! I’m stumped! Below is the message I get now!  So below it says: “If you think you’re seeing this by mistake, please let us know! So see what happened when I clicked it…

I clicked “let us know” and I wrote them a message asking why I’m banned again! After writing them a nice cordial message to ask WHY I’m being banned again… and what did I do… and what COULD I DO? … their system pops this message up!

So it seems… I can’t even ASK!!! 

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