Video & Audio: A Lesson for Whites: Technology & War: About Iran’s New Stealth fighter


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I discuss the military and science technology of the Western World versus the Third World, China, Africa, Iran, Latin-America, etc.

I specifically look at the claim, by Iran that it has developed a stealth fighter of its own.

I discuss the big mistake that whites everywhere make, when they look at the science and technology of the new “super powers” like India, China, etc.

2 thoughts on “Video & Audio: A Lesson for Whites: Technology & War: About Iran’s New Stealth fighter

  • 21st January 2020 at 3:02 am

    Dumb ass whites are inventing weapons (rope) and selling it to the jew so the jew can blast (hang) us with it. Jews will use the white technology to kill whites. We have to be pretty dumb to do that, and most whites worship the jew and just asking to be killed so the “jew messiah” can come whisk them to heaven where they can sit around all day and worship the head jew, yahweh.

  • 18th January 2020 at 4:54 am

    But there is no chance, no chance in hell the West will ever defeat this upcoming and new technology from this African country. They are so far advanced, they have soldiers that already look like RoboCop – This is going to be a problem for the West. This is the most advanced army in Africa and could probably conquer the world with these soldiers.

    While they play around with Jets, the U.S & West play around with international weather modifications. The West can unleash Tsunamis, Hurricanes, floods, droughts, set your bush/forests on fire, release diseases. The West can hit in more ways than they can ever imagine.

    I would go so far as to say, probably 99% of all these “UFO” craft are simply America testing out new technology that is so, so far advanced that it would make those Jets seem like a stone age device. The next war will see bullets being replaced by lasers for sure.

    The West is so far ahead that by the time you see their new weapons against these older weapons all these 3rd world nations have copied from us Westerners, its going to be like stone age vs tech age warfare.

    The blacks still cant quite figure out how to shoot, how to handle a weapon, cant aim for shit and by the time they figure out how to do it, the whites will be using lasers and things which they could never imagine.

    Adam Smith wrote the wealth of nations and remarked that even though china was civilized, it had not progressed at all for at least 2,000 or so years. It hit a plateau and this is also due to mixing with the darker mongels. The early Chinese were red haired, again verified by their mummies, so was Ghenkis Khan.

    All civilization ends with race mixing, it is the beginning of the end. Brainwashing of whites will be the end of them, which is why getting rid of ones TV is the most important thing

    The point to all of this, they can never match the West because everything they have ever learnt and achieved has been through the Wests innovations


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