Zimbabwe’s new President wants White South African Farmers – Putin congratulates Mnangagwa – Jan’s Thoughts


These are some quick comments on this matter. This is my initial reaction.

Mnangagwa invites white farmers from SA to Zim. But I’m NOT in favour of whites supporting them. Putin came out and gave his support to Mnangagwa, as did China. There are whites who’ve been misled into thinking that Russia and Putin in particular is a “white Christian” who supports the white race. This is NOT so. According to some sources, Putin might even be Jewish. Putin DID sign a holocaust law whereby you can do 5 years jail time for denying the holocaust. One thing Whites in Africa MUST REALISE is this: If we whites stood up and wanted a state of our own, a Boer Republic, Russia and China and the USA and Britain would attack us. We have ZERO friends and Russia and China are COMMITTED to supporting these black states that THEY CREATED. Russia and China have stated this OPENLY. Putin once even said, during Mugabe’s rule that he would support the independence of Zimbabwe. Rhodesia FOUGHT against Russia and China. South Africa FOUGHT against Russia and Cuba. We’ve FOUGHT THEM – for those worthless pieces of shit known as USA and UK. We FOUGHT communism like the Germans, Italians, Hungarians, Spanish, Portuguese did. So we’ve walked the same path as the Europeans. Mugabe bought a plane load of 27,000 AK47’s from Russia I think it was, when he began the farm invasions. Zimbabwe like South Africa is protected by Russia and China. Of course the USA and the UK also watch over South Africa because South Africa is a BRITISH CREATION and Britain was the last state to invade South Africa. So we’ve got enemies on ALL SIDES and NO WHITE FRIENDS. That’s our situation. I do NOT like Russia or China. China and Russia are both in with the Jews and both will not hesitate to send weapons against us. Also, I do NOT trust “American and British protection” of ourselves. We must protect ourselves. The UK and USA dilly dally and do NOTHING for us. I must admit there is some sense to flipping over to the side of the Russians if we could get WEAPONS from them. But its not a path I recommend. We’re truly on our own and only other white racialists out there are our ONLY TRUE FRIENDS. We do NOT have any STATE as our friend anywhere. I do NOT NOT NOT regard the USA or the UK as a friend. Alex Linder once said to me that we whites need nuclear weapons in order to PROTECT OURSELVES FROM THE USA. And I’d add in there the UK. Of all the white states out there, the most DANGEROUS enemy of the Boer and the White South African REMAINS BRITAIN. This is a fact. Its a topic we’ll return to. We whites must NOT just run willy nilly to any stupid black bastard who feigns friendliness. In fact, if Mnangagwa was for REAL he would RETURN THOSE FARMS TO THE WHITE FARMERS THEY STOLE THEM FROM RATHER THAN OFFER THE RUINS TO OTHER WHITE FARMERS. We whites should consider too, DO WE WANT TO TAKE SOME OTHER WHITE PERSON’S STOLEN PROPERTY? Is that ethical for us? Should we be wanting to farm on a farm that some other white, who operated honestly once farmed? I’m not 100% into ethics and morality, as I am practical, but I do think that Zimbabwe should rot in hell. That’s my view. And the same is true for the ANC. These were our ENEMIES. Both should rot in hell for all I care. As for the blacks, I say they must STARVE. Let them die. Mother Nature is busy hurting the blacks and we must NOT step in to save them. LEAVE THEM TO DIE. We are managing to survive. DO NOT save these worthless scum UNLESS we gain BIG BENEFITS FROM IT. There must be something REALLY BIG THAT WE GAIN BEFORE WE LIFT ONE FINGER FOR THESE BLACKS. Our leaders negotiated like assholes. We as a group MUST GAIN in a BIG WAY otherwise NO DEAL. And our gains, in my view must be things that lead us closer to freedom. What I want to see in the hands of white people are MILITARY WEAPONS. That’s what I want to see in our hands – EVERYWHERE. MILITARY WEAPONS – that’s the main asset we whites must be acquiring, by every means.

We whites have been screwed over 1,001 times. Not just us whites in Africa but whites everywhere, especially Europe. We’ve been screwed over and we need to stop playing soft ball and learn to play hard ball. These blacks are dying and starting. This is an opportunity for hard ball negotiations. We’re not dying. They are dying and NONE of their many tricks have managed to get them to recover their farming sector. Therefore, this is an opportunity to negotiate for something firm and hard.

We whites must NOT run off to lick someone’s boots just because they ask.

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