S.Africa: Blacks steal Railway tracks: 3 arrested over R3 million’s stolen railway tracks

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Three suspects were arrested on Tuesday on the N4 freeway in Middelburg after being found in possession of a truck transporting allegedly stolen railway track valued at about R3 million.

The suspects, aged between 41 and 51, are expected to appear at the Middelburg Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

They are facing charges of being found with stolen items and for contravention of the Immigration Act of South Africa.

Police are working with the Department of Home Affairs after it was discovered that the suspects are foreign nationals and two were found without valid documentation to be in South Africa.

Two of the suspects are Mozambican nationals while the third found with documentation is a Zimbabwean national.

“Police in Mpumalanga are working hard to address the challenge of damage to essential infrastructure as well as theft of valuable railway items.

The Mpumalanga Provincial Anti-Gang Unit of the police was tasked with the responsibility of helping curb this challenge.

“As a result of the determination by the team, working in collaboration with members of the public and in this case Middelburg Highway Patrol members played a role as well which led to a breakthrough that was achieved,” said the office of the Provincial Commissioner in Mpumalanga, Lieutenant General Semakaleng Daphney Manamela.

According to information, the railway tracks were stolen in Barberton in August 2023.

A case was opened and the investigation was handed over to the team, with the hope of arresting the perpetrators and recovering the reportedly stolen items.

After an investigation, investigators were able to gather valuable information and made follow ups which led to the trailing of the truck which was possibly transporting the suspected stolen railway track to a certain destination.

After being spotted and stopped, a search was carried out and the railway track was discovered inside the truck. The three men were then arrested.

The truck with its consignment and other items have been confiscated for further investigation.

The Provincial Commissioner has hailed the breakthrough.

“We are elated by this great achievement. We are adamant that the suspects may have been involved in other similar offences committed previously as our investigation team continues to probe.

“The damage to essential infrastructure is a thorn in the flesh but we are doing our best to address this, hence the arrest,” said Lieutenant General Manamela.

Source: https://mybroadband.co.za/news/motoring/508754-3-arrested-over-r3-millions-stolen-railway-tracks.html

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