My mistake: Helen Keller was NOT JEWISH…

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I watched a short video the other day about Helen Keller, and it raised many questions about her. But in my rush, I overlooked the fact that it was saying she was BACKED BY JEWS.

I, instead, made the mistake of thinking they were saying SHE IS JEWISH – which she is NOT.

But it raised a number of questions as to whether SHE WAS A TOOL FOR THE JEWS.

So I will return to that. I want to post some things in this regard.

There are many questions about Helen Keller including the fact that the NAZIS detested her because she said she was a COMMUNIST. She was quite a prominent communist in fact.

And she was on the forefront of political nonsense and Liberalism of various kinds.

She was basically a forerunner of a bunch of bad Liberal, Junk ideas that we associate with modern garbage Liberalism.

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