Religions for Whites: What is the purpose of life … if there is no God? – Ben Klassen, Dr Pierce, etc

In the last several weeks I’ve been pondering and digging a lot into the issue of religions for Whites. I am a big fan of Ben Klassen the creator of the Church of Creativity. Klassen is definitely the modern White man who put the deepest thought into a religion exclusively for Whites. He impresses me intensely.

But I began digging into Dr Pierce’s Cosmotheism. I see that National Alliance has built on what Dr Pierce did and Kevin Strom and others have been adding to it, and now there is a Bible that they have created. I haven’t got a copy of that. But I began digging into the original stuff that Dr Pierce did.

I think it was Rosenberg (?) the German thinker in the time of Hitler, who began thinking about a "Germanic Religion" for the Germans. But he did not make much headway.

I think Klassen definitely nailed it and that we need a religion.

Some people including Dr Pierce, like Nietzsche, even copied the Bible’s type of writing to some degree.

We are a people with organised minds. We don’t just do things. We like to think things through.

Even Hitler touched on the topic of God and what people should be taught.

It’s very fascinating.

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