Jewish Liberal Intolerance: Boston ‘Straight Pride Parade’ requires 1,000 cops to repel ‘tolerant’ leftist violence

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[This stuff is just crazy. Firstly, its awesome that whites had a straight pride parade. But the viciousness of the Left should tell you that this is not a level playing field. Jews are just screwing with everyone’s heads. Jan]

September 27, 2019 (MassResistance) — See our 4-part report — with photos & videos:

The unprecedented police presence to secure the parade.
Barricades, over 1,000 police, even helicopter patrols
The “Straight Pride” parade – floats and marchers
More police marched with the parade than actual participants!
The lunatic Antifa mob set on shutting it all down
Attempting to disrupt – and worse.
The “Straight Pride” speeches in City Hall Plaza
Amazing job by police to keep attackers away! Incredible speech by Milo Yiannopoulos — who is openly homosexual — on the uncomfortable LGBT truths others won’t talk about.

Introduction — A parody of “gay pride”

If anyone doubts how unhinged, vicious, illogical, and totalitarian the Left has become in America, what happened in Boston should resolve that.

On August 31, a portion of the downtown area of Boston was effectively paralyzed as the much-anticipated “Straight Pride Parade” went off as scheduled, despite early attempts by Mayor Walsh and the liberal establishment to ban the event. The Mayor’s threats to deny a permit were clearly unconstitutional, as well as “discriminatory” under state law, and he eventually backed down.

The Straight Pride Parade, organized by local conservatives John Hugo and Mark Sahady, was never meant as a serious social statement, but clearly as a parody of the “Gay Pride Parade” that engulfs Boston every June. They called their group “Super Happy Fun America,” and they brilliantly made fun of the well-enforced Gay Pride political correctness.

It was all basically a joke. But as we know, the Left (like all totalitarian movements) has absolutely no sense of humor. From the day the organizers announced the event, the level of anger and vitriol leveled at them from across the Liberal spectrum and in the mainstream media — not only in Boston but around the country — was unbelievable.

Not surprisingly, Antifa groups from across New England and beyond announced they would be coming to Boston on the day of the event to keep them from being able to march or give speeches, even if that required violence.

The parade route was approximately the same as the Gay Pride Parade — from Copley Square in the Back Bay to Boston City Hall, where there would be a series of speeches. As it turned out, the few floats in the parade were mostly promoting President Trump’s re-election.

But the most bizarre difference was the fact that over 1,000 police gathered from around the state, including State Police, were required to protect the parade participants from the vicious mob of “tolerant” liberals who came to violently disrupt the event.

Interestingly, the most overtly “anti-gay” part was the speech by the parade’s Grand Marshall, Milo Yiannopoulos, who is himself “gay” and “married” to a man. His speech in City Hall Plaza was the most pointed attack on the LGBT lifestyle we’ve ever heard in Boston! (See our video in Part 4.)

As Milo said in his speech, “We’re here to draw attention to the hypocrisy and lunacy of the progressive Left and we’ve done it beautifully.”

For people who don’t realize what the Left has become in America, this is a clear lesson. It’s hard to believe that a veritable army of police would be necessary to guard a parade from a truly vicious and unhinged mob (and their supporters in the media and liberal establishment) who scream about how tolerant they are.

We were there in the thick of it to capture everything! MassResistance was not part of the event or the group that put it on, though we know a number of people who were involved. It’s not really our style of activism. But we were impressed and thrilled they were able to pull it off!


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