Photo: Excellent Quote from Jim Traficant US Congressman MURDERED BY JEWS!

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In the 1970s Rhodesia came up with this logo with this cute little elephant. There were LOTS of elephants in Rhodesia and the Whites were proud of that. The classic elephant and flag logo used by the Rhodesian Tourism authority in the 1970s and 1980s to promote tourism to that country.

[Here is another excellent White American man whom I have hardly ever mentioned. His name is Jim Traficant and he told the truth about filthy Jewish Israel and it’s disgusting relationship with America. He told many truths. He was MURDERED, like George Lincoln Rockwell, like Dr Hendrik Verwoerd, by JEWS! Never forget that! Here’s another truth telling, wonderful WHITE HERO from America for our race. Jan]

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The Rhodesian SAS Combat Manual is a significant historical look at the small unit tactics employed by this elite unit during the Rhodesian Bush War. Not only is it a glimpse back at how the unit operated, but a lot of the material is still relevant today for units fighting counter-insurgencies. This book covers tactical follow-ups, ambush tactics, infiltration methods and combat tracking and more!

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