Canada: Governor General Overwhelmed By Demand To Remove Trudeau From Office

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Receiving an average of 25-50 calls per day, Mary Simon’s office received 4600 calls on the Thursday after the Truckers Protest.

Brad Salzberg
Feb 5

In the wake of the recent Truckers Convoy, Canadians have been peppering Governor General Mary Simon’s office with calls to dissolve our federal government, and to remove Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from office.

As reported in the National Post, "Rideau Hall’s call centre normally receives between 25 to 50 calls a day. Since the truckers convoy began the number has exploded, with more than 1,500 on Wednesday and over 4,600 at one point in the afternoon on Thursday."

It’s an unprecedented development in what has become an unprecedented society. The vehemence by which a segment of our population want Justin Trudeau gone has fired-up to white hot levels. The situation belies a deep-rooted fragmentation in society.

There exists two distinct factions: one found in government’s doghouse, one venerated as the apogee of our country. The former are the loathsome. These are the protestor-types. Largely comprised of "Old Stock" Canadians, these people are being transitioned by government and media into social outcasts.

The "in-crowd" are a different breed. These folks are venerated by government and media. Their numbers consist of woke white Liberals and Trudeau’s preferred 3rd World migrant communities. Regarding the request to show Mr. Trudeau the door, there is– no surprise– good news for the neo-chosen:

"The protesters’ calling campaign is all for naught as there is no way the Governor General could ever acquiesce to any of their demands," says Daniel Béland, director of the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada.

“The Governor General cannot just decide to fire the prime minister like that,” Béland said. Correct he is. Though it is not a question of caving in to demands of the protesters. It is a matter of government policy regardless of who made these demands.

"In Canada, a vote of no confidence is a motion that the legislature disapproves and no longer consents to the governing Prime Minister and the incumbent Cabinet. A vote of no confidence that passes leads to the fall of the incumbent government."

"If a vote of no confidence passes, the Prime Minister is required to submit his or her resignation to the Governor General of Canada, who may either invite the leader of another coalition/party to attempt to form a new government in the House of Commons, or dissolve Parliament and call a general election."

There is no mechanism in Canada for citizens to remove a sitting prime minister. For a maximum of four years, the status of a PM is subject only to the House of Commons.

On the topic of public influence, times have certainly changed. New arrivals to Canada may not realize it, but there was a time when "the will of the majority" had an influence on government. In terms of the pace of transformation, one might believe this existed somewhere between the Neolithic age, and the rise of Cro-Magnon man.

PM Trudeau wouldn’t consider such a concept if he was the last neo-communist standing. As such, governance in Canada has transitioned to a series of four-year mini-dictatorships. Media say nothing. Besides, how could the Canadian people impeach a prime minister, when we don’t even vote for a prime minister?

Mainstream media has always maintained a skewed attitude toward Federalism. Over the course of 365 days per year– over a four-year period– media supply relentless coverage of PM Trudeau. The man is the Alpha and Omega of federal governance. Then, arriving at voting day, suddenly the prime minister is nowhere to be found. Apart from a presence on one ballot out of a total of 338, he is non-existent. Canadians do not vote for a prime minister, we vote for our local MP.

Life has made it hard for citizens to have an influence on government. Smart money says never to expect an improvement in this area. After all, what has two years of Covid brought voters apart from a thicker wall between the people and government.

Result: a three-term prime minister that nobody wants, apart from a select group of designated elites. Feeling the "democratic vibe?" Sounds a tad more communist than anything else.

Canada has always been far less of a democratic nation than perceived by the public. In Justin Trudeau’s Canada, democracy is clinging by a thread. If not for media, passing years would have enlightened Canadians on what "progressive ways" in government really mean.


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