Chart: America’s Presidents & founding fathers modeled America on the Roman Empire – read: Latin & Ancient Greek


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[Everything about America is actually based on the Roman Empire especially and also the Ancient Greeks. A lot of American Presidents and some founding fathers could read Roman history in Latin. Some could read Ancient Greek. They read Roman history EXACTLY AS WRITTEN BY THE ROMANS THEMSELVES. They were familiar with the main Roman historians. Everything about America, from “Fascist” (Roman: Fasces) comes from the PAGAN WHITES. America was meant to be a BETTER ROMAN REPUBLIC. Not a Roman Empire, but the Roman Republic. Look at this chart from wikipedia and you’ll see how many Presidents could read latin or ancient Greek. It’s quite astounding. The reason the founding fathers had this obsession over TYRANNY seems to come either from wanting to keep America in the “Roman Republic” stage as well as staying away from the (Christian) Kings of modern times who were “tyrants”. Thus Americans have this infatuation and extreme fear of “tyranny”. Dr Pierce commented on this, and he also understood there are times you do need a powerful central government, which I agree with. But this is the source of this American obsession with hating centralised power. Jan]

Here is a chart showing the columns and the languages various presidents could speak. Notice how many of the early Presidents could read Latin and Ancient Greek.

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