Professor Carroll Quigley … America the greatest nation would become an Empire


Just to give you some more insight into what I think the Elite are thinking, and no doubt the Jews are playing along with this and are maybe even a big driving force in this, is the notion that the USA could easily become the greatest nation on earth.

I suspect this was the result of interfering in WW1 and WW2 in Europe. I also think the terminology is wrong. We should see WW1 and WW2 as primarily ANTI-GERMAN wars … and the Jews definitely in WW2 set out to destroy the Germans. In WW1 they seem to have switched sides mid-war and then screwed the Germans over.

It appears to me that the 2 World Wars, especially WW2, were responsible for making American elites think that the USA could dominate the world.

Quigley himself believed America could become an empire.

I notice with great interest the MASSIVE amount of money going into the US military. The USA spends more money on its military than literally the whole world combined – I think. These things CANNOT BE AN ACCIDENT. The USA has been deliberately arming up since WW2 and I think in part it must be to hang on to the gains made in WW2.

There are some weird aspects to the USA military’s role, which I think is wrong. e.g. The USA invades countries and then leaves them. It’s strategy is quite weird.

But the USA is definitely aiming for empire, and the elites are not saying it openly … they’re just making it happen.

Quigley definitely believed in this view of America. And Quigley himself may have been a driving force in this type of thinking.

There are weird aspects to US thinking. One of them has to do with a wild and irrational paranoia about US security. I’ll deal with that separately.

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