Our Ancient European/Aryan/Bulgarian Ancestors kept the skulls of their enemies & drank out of them!

[Nordlux Bellator was telling me that our ancient ancestors used to keep the skulls of their enemies and would drink out of them. And I think someone said the Celts did the same. They kept these skulls around either as ornaments or drinking accessories. I would imagine that nothing is more intimidating than watching a white man drink out of the head of what used to be his enemy. There is a certain "will to power" in that act … a sort of spitting into your face.

Our European ancestors were not a bunch of wusses and pussies. They physically crushed their enemies. Even the Romans, who were, in their own right, a "weapon of mass destruction", used to say: "The corpses of your enemy smells sweet". They didn’t give a f*ck about their enemies.

Europeans did not f*ck around. And we need to return to that. Kill anything that stands in the path of the survival of our race. Tear anything down. If we had to unleash ourselves upon the world, you’d see blood flowing like big rivers in flood.

Nordlux further commented as follows:
Exellent tradition ! "The Bulgarians are the people who had everything they wanted, the people who acquired titles and bought their nobility with the blood and heads of the enemy …in them without hesitation the nobler is considered to be whose weapon was more bloody in battle … " Enodius. ” Krum of Bulgaria was said by Theophanes the Confessor, Joannes Zonaras, Mannases Chronicle, and others, to have made a jeweled cup from the skull of the Byzantine emperor Nicephorus I (811 AD) after killing him in the Battle of Pliska. According to George Akropolites the skull of Baldwin I of Constantinople was made into a drinking cup by the Tsar Kaloyan of Bulgaria (c. 1205)

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