Türkgücü Munich: Neo-Nazis march before away game…

Masked supporters of the neo-Nazi party “Der Dritte Weg” marched in front of the stadium before the match between FSV Zwickau and Türkgücü Munich. The right-wing extremists held up a banner with the inscription “Türkgücü NOT welcome”.

Before the soccer match between Türkgücü Munich and FSV Zwickau, the migrants’ association Türkgücü once again became a target of right-wing extremism. Masked supporters of the neo-Nazi party “Der Dritte Weg” and alleged FSV fans marched in front of the Zwickau stadium on Sunday and held up a banner with the inscription “Türkgücü NOT welcome”. The two clubs will play against each other on October 23.

The right-wing extremists published the photos of it on their website with the addition: “We say clearly: Türkgücü not welcome – neither in Zwickau nor in any other German stadium! Also stickers with the inscription “Our stadium, our rules! Türkgücü Munich not welcome” were also seen.

Türkgücü’s managing director Max Kothny said: “Something like this does not belong in the stadium, nor anywhere else in Germany – no matter whether it is directed against us or anyone else! We condemn such things extremely”, as the Abendzeitung München (AZ) quoted him on Wednesday. Türkgücü is “working together and in close exchange with the DFB and other clubs to combat this”.

However, it was difficult to prosecute the perpetrators of the action, as they only appeared in disguise. Moreover, the perpetrators were often only punished for damage to property. In his “eyes, that is too little”. It was also important to create sensitivity for the issue and “appeal to the common sense of all stadium visitors and especially to the common sense of small groups”.

We will not be appropriated!! Here is our answer to the “3rd way”! #FSVTGM @turkgucumunchen pic.twitter.com/JpCkOKtcoc

– FSV Zwickau (@FSVZwickau) October 12, 2020

The FSV showed its solidarity with Türkgücü via Twitter. “We won’t let ourselves be appropriated,” was the message on Monday. “Türkgücü Munich is welcome here!

At the beginning of October, during the game against Waldhof Mannheim, the Türkgücü player Yi-Young Park had been racistly insulted by Mannheim fans. The South Korean responded by saying in the social media: “I experienced racism from some spectators at the game today. I find it very regrettable that some people still see it as necessary to hurt someone in this way and damage the soccer culture”.

TRT German.

Source: https://washingtonnewsday.com/sports/turkgucu-munich-neo-nazis-march-before-away-game/

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