TOP SECRET: The real reason Hitler invaded Poland – The Mass Slaughter of Germans


I had a link to a short video, and now it seems to have been taken down which is sad. It’s the only time I’ve come across a recording of Hitler talking about the Bromberg massacres. We will need to find this footage again. I had a working link but when I wanted to post it here, it was no longer working.

This was the commentary I wrote:
This is a short video where Hitler speaks about the dreadful massacres that were unleashed in Poland. I suspect the Jews were behind all this. It appears to me that a LOT of the hatred for Germans that was generated in Poland came from Jews. There were a lot of Jews in Poland. But in this short video you will see some of the photos of the dead Germans and you’ll hear Hitler speaking about the terrible atrocities that were going on in Poland. The Poles slaughtered about 54,000 Germans! But you will NEVER hear that mentioned in any history and they’ll even claim that these are German lies. But I’ve seen lots of the photos of the Germans that were exhumed, including children, who were slaughtered in Poland.

Of course all this was a setup. The British, Americans and Jews were doing their utmost to stir up the Poles to be violent towards the Germans. The entire problem was ARTIFICIALLY CREATED to cause war between Germany and Poland.

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