I teach you … but I also learn a LOT from YOU…


[I wrote this note to some Americans I interact with. Jan]

BTW, for the record … as much as I say my say, don’t think I don’t learn from YOU.

I have learned tons of things from you Americans and other Whites over the last 20 years.

If it wasn’t for Americans I would never have woken up to the Jews.

I also admire many things about your society.

As much as I have to say, don’t think I don’t learn from all of you.

I have learned from Canadians, Germans and other Whites.

The only Whites I have some contempt for are the weak British – and I speak as someone who was born in, technically the British Empire.

I set out to change other people … but in the process other Whites CHANGED ME TOO!

It is a wonderful process of enrichment.

At heart, we are a people who strive for the truth. This is our greatest value.

I do understand where the Christians have a problem. The Christians need an emotional escape from a life that they perceive as exceptionally ruthless and a life without a point – hence heaven draws them. But the reality is that there is only one purpose and that is biological. However, if we follow that purpose, we will be the greatest … possibly even the greatest thing in all the universe. (I’m a firm believer in the EXTREME RARITY OF LIFE – all of astronomy, etc suggests this).

The greatest danger is the Jewish division of us. We have a parasite that we have been far too kind to, and by letting this parasite back in endlessly, this parasite has become ever more dangerous. The parasite knows us too well and it keeps refining its methods on each infection.

The answer is NOT as the parasite insists that we must be more DIVERSE. The parasite’s answers are ALWAYS the opposite of what truly is good for us. What is good for us is more unity and more exclusion. You can see this clearly when you study the amazing Spanish eviction of the Jews – the greatest act of cleansing that was ever undertaken by Whites. They threw Jews out for 500 years and they became a SUPERPOWER ONCE THE JEWS WERE GONE. The Germans were on the same path but the Jews knew to move very fast to crush the Germans before the Germans could get far. The Germans would have been the greatest power on Earth AND ALL OF THE WEST WOULD HAVE BEEN STRENGTHENED BY IT. If Hitler had won, Europe would have consumed half of Russia and brought it into the European sphere.

What I want to show you all, clearly, are the true lessons of history from Africa in the same way that the TRUE LESSONS OF WW2 have been hidden from most Whites. All the true lessons show that when Whites stick together … We are awesome.

Whatever policy Jews aggressively push … is always the opposite to ours. But you do find "good Jews" who go to the other side to also be present there. e.g. the "Good Jews" who are Republicans and then they begin the process of pushing the Republicans in the wrong direction. We had that with Conservatives.

The root problem is embracing the Jews when you should be kicking them out.

The real problem IS DIVERSITY IS INCLUSIVITY. America’s biggest weakness is that it is too open TO THE WRONG PEOPLE. You are letting in all kinds of garbage who are bad for you. Now they’re killing you. The greatest weakness of White Americans is: TOO MUCH TOLERANCE.

Of all the dangers you face, that is the one most likely to destroy the wondrous work of your forefathers. But Whites, in their expansion in history, make many mistakes. This is not a crime. The solution is to learn from it and find the solutions.

We can survive anything. Just stick together and ensure that biology comes first. Then nobody can ever break us.

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