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[When they say that the fire at the military base was started by people from an "informal settlement" nearby – they mean BLACKS. Of course whether Blacks outside the base started the fire or whether some cause is due to the military itself …. who knows! The bottom line is 200 military vehicles caught fire. As for me, I really don't care. Anything that weakens this anti-White government is good for me. They say the vehicles were already unserviceable beforehand – but that is very likely due to the incompetence of the military itself. There are tens of thousands of vehicles that were not functioning in the military and they were using Cubans to come and fix them. All in all, the South African Military looks like a clown show. I like that. It's better that way. Jan]

The best photos of the fire and the burning vehicles can be found here:

A mysterious fire broke out at the Wallmansthal vehicle depot in Pretoria and resulted in the destruction of over 200 military vehicles

The cause of the fire is unknown but the military suspects that it originated outside the military base at an informal settlement

The true cost of the blaze is still being calculated but the military spokesperson said most of the vehicles were beyond repair before the fire

Over 200 military vehicles were consumed by fire at Wallmansthal vehicle depot in Pretoria.

The cause of the fire is unknown but is believed to have broken out at around 19:00 hours on Thursday evening.

More than 200 military vehicles were caught in a catastrophic fire at Wallmansthal military vehicle depot in Pretoria.

TimesLIVE reported that both the Sinoville Firefighting Association and Apies River rural fire protection association
fought the fire until the early hours of Friday morning.

The true extent of the damage is still being assessed but what is known is that over 200 vehicles including Nyalas were destroyed.

The Citizen reported that the fire did not injury anyone.


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