RAHOWA: The Late GREAT Ban Klassen: CREATIVITY: 1987: The Mexican Border problem & Machine guns – Matt Hale

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I am a HUGE FAN, of Ben Klassen, who is the creator of the Church of Creativity. If you’ve never heard of him, you don’t know what you’re missing. I regard him as one of the most original, and greatest thinkers from America of modern times. He was way ahead, even of Dr Pierce, whom I am also a big fan of. In some respects, Ben Klassen is unmatched. His thinking was so clear, and he began a long time back. Ben believed that the European race needs it’s own religion for itself. And he gave historically valid reasons why it needs a religion.

Matt Hale, who is holed up in jail for an insanely long time, was, unquestionably, the greatest follower and preacher (reverend) of Ben Klassen’s truths. It sure would be interesting to know Matt Hale’s real history and Matt Hale’s real views. Because he is in jail we will not know for a long time. But Matt Hale is unquestionably "the great spreader" that Ben Klassen was looking for. I am looking for anyone who knew or met Ben Klassen. I feel that he does not get a fraction of the credit he truly deserves. As a thinker, he was way ahead of his time. He tried to build on the work of Hitler. He is true to Hitler and the NAZIS.

I was going through one of Ben’s books, which he wrote in 1987. In there Ben talks about the Mexican border problem. It seems to me as if Ben is one of the earliest, if not the earliest, American to point out the border problem and the nightmares it would lead to.

Ben referred to the Mexican border as "the soft underbelly of America".

Long before Donald Trump and his wall proposal, Ben Klassen was on to this issue. Interestingly, it is ISRAEL … JEWISH ISRAEL that has endless walls right now. It has hundreds of km of walls and is building more. I wonder if it is Trump’s links to Israel, and love of Israel that lies at the heart of his big WALL plan?

Ben Klassen, writing back then, said that the Mexican border problem can be solved with … MACHINE GUNS!!! It was fascinating to read that, and many more ideas from Ben.

Ben was a man who wanted our race to get back to the top and to stay at the top forever. I have tremendous respect for him. He had many good ideas which are still valid to this day. I’m not saying he was perfect. But he was way ahead of his time.

Ben Klassen and Dr Pierce are the greatest thinkers who came out of America in the post-Rockwell time. Rockwell is the ORIGINATOR OF AMERICAN SOCIALISM AND THE AMERICAN RIGHT WING. Rockwell, IS THE ORIGINAL AMERICAN HERO. 2 Jewish snipers killed him. Dr Pierce had worked with Rockwell when he was young, but he differed with Rockwell’s tactics. He went on to follow his own line of thinking.

Ben Klassen an American of German origin. Ben was quite a successful businessman and even an inventor. But some time after the death of Rockwell, he realized the danger to the European people as a whole and to White America in particular and that is when he began his work on a religion and a church. I think Creativity, and what he created is one of the most unique, well thought out and finest ideas of modern times.

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