When I first began investigating the Jews, several years ago, I often came across excellent references and utterly brilliant graphics and memes from a website called: smoloko.com

I do not know what the name means or why it was chosen. So I was not sure if it was reliable. But over the years I found out more until Andrew Carrington Hitchcock in the UK told me it was run by a guy, and I’ll only use his first name: Scottie.

He was later joined by Alicia Frischman.

But I think the vast bulk of the work on Smoloko.com for years had been done by Scottie.

I think the Jews basically TERRORISED and HARRASED HIM out of existence. The website domain exists but all the pages are blank.

I will say this: That in the history of Christianity that no white Christian caught the Jews out more often than Scottie. His memes are utterly genius, brilliantly done and DEAD ACCURATE.

Scottie, to my knowledge had to return to being a PAID JEWISH SLAVE like the rest of us all were. The Jews worked to destroy his christian website. But, the work he did lives on, and even some of my best NAZI pals told me that they saved and used smolokos brilliant memes.

I have been saving them for years. I have lots of Smoloko memes that Scottie created.

I think the only people who studied the Jews more closely than Scottie, were people like the incredibly great German, Julius Streicher, the editor of the most important publication of the NAZI party.

The Jews had him hanged on Purim.

But I think in modern times, especially the Internet, Scottie is a legend; his work impeccable … and vast numbers of people have saved it and used it. His contribution to the truth, and to whites is one of the GREATEST LEGACIES in the history of the Internet so far.

So if you see Smoloko.com – know that you have just witnessed the finest Jew exposing work to ever come from a WHITE CHRISTIAN!

Alicia Frischmannn who worked with him on Smoloko, still does the odd meme now and then. She is married and has children, as all good white women should.

This was her final notice about Scottie, but sadly, he seems to be GONE now:

Here is an excellent example of the type of work that Scottie was putting out. All his quotes and memes, DEAD ACCURATE. So when you see smoloko.com – you’re looking at probably the greatest Christian who worked to spread the truth to whites, christians and the world … of modern times. Scottie has no equal as far as I’m concerned, among christians who stood up to the Jews:-


  • 4th November 2019 at 10:28 am

    Thank you VERY VERY much for posting this link!! This looks very much like the Smoloko I remember – all of those many many links on the left – such excellent, pertinent and most of all CRITICAL info all whites need to know and have access to. I wish I’d known this was in existence sooner. Better late than never, as they say. Thanks again!!! Danielle

  • 4th November 2019 at 1:58 am

    It pains me to read anything about the old Smoloko website. I am grateful that I got to spend some time utilizing it in my early days of becoming Jew-wise. I spent many countless hours lost in their content and reading meme captions. I bookmarked them & made many trips back but then other things came up & I forgot about them after a while. When I went to visit one day I could see it appeared to be a shell & my stomach dropped. This was one of my first real experiences with knowing (((they))) were going to be coming hard for the exposers. I wish I had more time using the site and I wasn’t fortunate enough to have saved anything from it. However, as you have said of yourself, I gather at least a few other intelligent whites thought to save some of their data as well, because to this day in so many great videos I see, many bear the “Smoloko” name on the image, so thank God for that.
    I was too early on into my edJEWcation to know we were in numbered days of information still being freely available and was ignorant to the fact the Jew hammer was getting ready to drop. Live and learn. I know better now & just assume most truthful stuff has a Jew expiration date on it.
    I imagine this applies to you, Jan??? I noticed you are cranking out soooooooo much stuff lately I got to thinking maybe Jan is storing nuts for the winter and making hay while the sun shines??

  • 11th October 2019 at 11:31 pm

    Sorry some sort of odd redirection is happening. I shall find the relevant article and paste the comment there.

  • 11th October 2019 at 11:28 pm

    I found Smoloko.com, but not under that name. It can be found using the following URL – http://chuckmaultsby.net/ I could only bring it up using Tor Browser as the others would not bring it up.


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