What PW Botha told me about the Portuguese & Salazaar & Dr Verwoerd


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This is just a short note. This is from my contact with PW Botha in 2006.

In my discussions with PW Botha he spoke highly of the Portuguese president Salazaar. Salazaar was almost like a Portuguese Hitler. And Salazaar did not want to give up one inch of Portuguese territory in Africa. I think (I’ll have to check my notes) that PW Botha also spoke about how Franco of Spain was friendly to the Portuguese and to South Africa during those times.

PW Botha also spoke extremely highly of Dr Verwoerd. He told me that Verwoerd wanted to see him urgently within a week, but Verwoerd was murdered before he got to meet with him. Verwoerd, in my view is the single most important white man in the history of Southern Africa since the Anglo-Boer War. The Jews HATED that man…

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