WARNING from Hitler, Nietzsche & Spengler: The Victory of the Lower Man and the non-Whites


When I look at the pathetic state of modern Whites, who are deeply confused and needlessly fearful, I see it as the victory of the lower men, the weak, the pathetic. I don’t think our race has ever been so low as to grovel down before Blacks and Jews. I don’t think our Pagan ancestors would believe their offspring could be so utterly pathetic.

Nietzsche wrote a great deal about the higher and lower man. The higher man would either be the "Master" or the "Wolf", whereas the lower man was the "Slave" or the "Sheep". But Nietzsche wanted MASTERS and WOLVES … because THEY CREATE GREAT THINGS … THEY PROPEL THE WORLD FORWARD.

The European race is filled with such leaders, most especially in Pagan times … wolves… You may know them as Alexander the Great or Julius Caesar or Scipio, or as Attila the Hun, or Vercingetorix or by other names. But they were the wolves.

Spengler also wrote extensively about the lower men, especially the non-White races and the threat they pose. Spengler, who had an extensive knowledge of history, like Nietzsche, also said that the ONLY SOLUTION is to build armies of men led by "Caesars". This is the ONLY WAY the White man can dominate again and regain his position.

Now Hitler represented such a higher man. He was the last great White man. The last MASTER, the last true WOLF.

Our civilization is filled with the worship of the weak. It horrifies me to see Whites grovelling for Jewish money or even Black money – from the few Blacks who have money. That Whites grovel for praises from the Jewish scum is horrifying to watch.

Look at our modern civilization and our GLORIFICATION OF THE WEAK. I see this all the time. All of society’s resources go into uplifting the weak, the useless, the failures. We GLORIFY all kinds of victims and garbage who are non-White.

We should not be surprised that we are going down. That is because our values make it criminal and "evil" to do things that are GOOD for the survival and expansion of our race and our own people.


It is amazing that we consider ourselves to be on the same level as other human trash like Jews. What we are living through is the tyranny of the empty victory of the WEAK MAN, the LOWER MAN.

We have always been better than that. We were strong, determined, and confident in our abilities. Now that has all been lost and confused. We don’t know up from down, left from right.

This is the result of being too kind to Jews and letting Jews and all types of unsuitable garbage into our own civilization. America, especially, is leading the way downwards. Modern America is going down the same path as the Roman Empire in the end, the only difference being that America is doing this at a speed 1000x faster than the Romans did.

The real problem we Whites need to learn to solve IS THE PROBLEM OF PARASITISM.

We have advanced parasites who are living off of us, and we have not learned the solution to the problem of dealing with them. The true solution, as Hitler saw it, is the right one: Get rid of the parasites. That’s the real solution.

And we need to learn to be hard, dominant people who don’t concern ourselves with all the screeching of the Jews. The Spanish did a wonderful thing when they expelled the Jews. They did it the best of all the Whites. They kept the Jews out for 500 years. That was the best solution yet. Hitler was on the right path, but all dumb Whites, who were in love with Jews went to kill the Germans on their own home soil.

We must stop worshiping the weak. We’re not weak. We’ve never been.

We must find the power within ourselves and be the MASTERS and WOLVES we once were. Masters and Wolves do not concern themselves with the garbage they have crushed and destroyed. They dominate, they breed, they build glorious things.

We must become the Demi-Gods we have been for so long.

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