Photos: 2015: Was the Dylann Roof shooting a staged false flag op? – Sandy Hook fake & court rulings

[A Confederate gives his reasons for believing that the Dylann Roof shooting of the blacks was a false flag. I don't buy these false flag stories easily. I know for example that many were fooled into believing Sandy Hook was staged. Alex Jones, whom I have no respect for, and constantly tries to move in on the white right, and NEVER MENTIONS JEWS, went said that Sandy Hook was a fake event. He was taken to court and he lost the case and had to pay $100,000 for that. Here's the story: I am not convinced by all the false flag stories. I understand false flags, but I think people don't grasp these matters yet. Yes, there is some link between exercises and terrorism – e.g. 911 and the bombings in the UK. Yes. But Dylann Roof and all other shooters like Brenton Tarrant? No. However, here is the evidence the guy gives. I'm not convinced by his evidence. I still want to write to Dylann Roof in jail. YOU MUST BE AWARE OF HAVING WEAK POLITICS. WEAKNESS IN POLITICS IS NOT GOOD. Taking Hitler, for example, and rebranding him as a soft Liberal, and similar stuff is not good. Ditto for the KKK, etc. They must be seen for what they were and accepted as such. The KKK for example, did incredible work in the USA saving the southern whites. Yes, they had to kill people and yes it was the right thing to do. Accept that, and live with it and move on. OUR RACE IS NOT A RACE OF WEAKLINGS! So don't adopt Jewish weakling politics. America was not built by white weaklings. Jan]

Michael Martin is a teacher, writer, and historian with experience working in both public and private schools.

He currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina where he specializes in early Virginia history, genealogy, and the emerging field of sensory history. His YouTube channel is ONE CONCERNED AMERICAN.

Nine people were gunned down in the tragic shooting at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17, 2015. In the wake of the event, Southern heritage was identified by the media as the cause of the violence. Since then, the Confederate flag in front of the South Carolina capitol building, and Southern monuments all around the country have been removed.

When one digs a little deeper however, it becomes clear the media and politicians are lying to us. We are expected to believe that Dylann Roof, the shooter, was motivated by Southern heritage on some level, when his manifesto did not mention the Confederacy or the Civil War once. Additionally, when we examine his website and photographs more closely, it becomes apparent there is a deception.

First of all, the Charleston Church Shooting happened during an “Active Shooter Threat Instructor Training Program” that took place from June 15 – June 19. Anyone that has studied false flags or other terrorist events in recent years knows that “active shooter drills” normally occur around the time of these attacks.

When we look into Roof’s website “lastrhodesian,” we see that it is registered under “avenueofoaks.
The photos that were taken of Dylann Roof also have some inconsistencies that prove some sort of manipulation occurred. For example, in one photo we see Roof outdoors, squatting and holding a Confederate flag. We see a mole on his left hand that is absent on the photos taken inside of his room.
When the room is examined further, there are more problems with the photos. The clock is hidden in a way that blocks the time from being seen. We also see signs that Roof was a drinker, with a Budweiser plaque in the background. Does this hand below look like someone holding a flag, or holding a beer bottle? When zoomed in, the flagpole is clearly a photoshopped add-in.
Finally, if none of that were enough to convince you, we can zoom in and see that Roof’s laptop cord on the bed was edited out of the photos, and when you look across to the mirror on the other side of the room, the person editing these pictures forgot to add the flagpole to the mirror.
I could go on, but it still wouldn’t make a difference unless you’re ready to do something about it. I could put a thousand proofs here and some of the sheeple would never be satisfied.

This is not meant to be a defense of Roof, who is probably a maniac that deserves the death penalty. The point here is that the cultural genocide of the South continues to be inspired by Roof’s horrific actions, despite clear evidence someone, somehwere is not telling the truth. Researchers have claimed that Roof had a account linked to an IP number over a thousand miles away in Oklahoma. How did an unemployed, high school dropout have the ability to purchase all the firepower and set up a website on a Russian server – and why does nobody care? Could this have just been another ploy by the “Deep State” or “cabal,” to keep us divided?

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