From a HARD CORE Jew-Wise Canadian

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Video: The Xmas I kicked the Jews out
People have asked me if I still talk to my Jewish friends? Heres the full story of what I did and the resulting consequences. This is how I awoke to the Jewish problem and what I did.

[Here are some comments I got from a very determined Canadian man I know. Jan]

Larry Brock is a scumbag who I believe voted for his party’s bill C-250 Jan. We can’t disagree with Conservatives and their Jewish lies or we go to jail for 2 years. The focus in Canada is on preventing Conservatives from continuing the Trudeau agenda. Bernier is scum too.

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Video: The European Race as an Immortal Biological Animal
What are Whites? Are we individuals or groups or some other arrangement? Professor Quigley raised this question for all humans. He also explained what Hitler thought. One day I had an interesting side chat with Matt Hales Mom and another lady, and the subject of Immortal Animals came up.

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